How God Saved Me from Suicide

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Some of you recognize Lacey Sturm as the former lead singer for the alternative rock band Flyleaf and now as a solo artist. If you’re not familiar with her journey to new life in Christ, it’s an amazing story.

Lacey Sturm was just 10 years old when her three-year-old cousin was beaten to death by his stepfather. The tragedy rocked Lacey’s world so hard that she lost all assurance that God noticed or cared about her.

She reasoned, “If God is truly good, shouldn’t He have cared for my family and protected them?” Lacey was so disillusioned and bitter that the mere mention of God made her angry. Heartache and disbelief blinded her to the love of family and friends. She saw herself as a burden, not a blessing. She felt so lost and alone one day, Lacey headed home after school determined to be dead by morning.

But God intervened through a miraculous encounter and a shouting match between Lacey and her grandmother, who insisted that Lacey go to church. Grandma drove. By the time the evening was over, instead of ending her life, Lacey had discovered new life. Even though she had turned away from Jesus, Jesus had never turned away from her. He had noticed and cared for her through every difficult moment.

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