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  • Religious Roadblocks to Healing
    Dismantles roadblocks that stymie God’s healing grace, equips pastors and laity to minister to survivors, and ministers God’s healing grace to broken lives.


  • Strong Kids/Safe Kids
    Teaches elementary school age children how to live safely in our sexually predatory society and instructs parents how to reinforce what their children are learning.


  • mPower
    Trains teens and adults how to live safely in a society that is endangered by sexual predators.


  • Shelter from the Storm
    Establishes guidelines for the selection of paid and volunteer staff of churches and schools and teachers how to weed out potential perpetrators.


  • Sleeping with the Enemy
    Exposes the problem of domestic and dating violence within the family, church, and society, confronting common myths about abuse and describing the profile of a potential abuser.


  • Sticks & Stones...Violent Words Beget Violent Actions!
    Defuses potential violence within the workplace by confronting the seemingly innocent yet abusive interaction between employees that constitutes verbal, mental and emotional abuse, and even sexual harassment. This contributes to low self-esteem, causes hurt feelings, resentments and smoldering anger that potentially can explode into workplace violence. Such a work environment destroys morale and hurts productivity. The staff is taught how to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.


  • Child Abuse, the Law and You
    Defines abuse, teaches the physical and behavioral symptoms of the different forms of abuse, explores the ramifications of being a mandated reporter and answers commonly asked questions about mandated reporting. Protects both school and staff from potential lawsuits.

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