Ministering at home and abroad on Sexual Abuse & Prevention and Domestic & Dating Violence to men and women of all ages...over 60% of our work is with Children and Youth!

  • One out of every three girls and one out of every six boys will be a victim of a sexual assault by the age of eighteen! (DOJ)

  • Sexual abuse knows no age parameters. The youngest victim on record in the U.S. -- two weeks old; the oldest victim -- 97 years old!

  • Over 80% of the time the victim of a sexual assault knows the perpetrator. The percentage is even greater for adolescents. (DOJ)

  • In an anonymous survey one out of every five adult males admitted to having sexual fantasies towards children!

  • 1 in 4 women have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner. (National Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Survey)

  • Nearly 50% of the women murdered in the United States die at the hands of their husband or boyfriend! (CDC)

  • One out of every three dating relationships experience violence.

  • A Justice Department survey reveals that one in twelve women will experience the terror of being stalked!

  • Over 6,000 students were expelled this past academic year for bringing firearms or explosives to school!

  • 57% of all public elementary and secondary schools experienced crime and/or violence during the 1996/1997 school year.

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