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Ministering God’s Healing Grace to lives broken by Sexual Abuse and Domestic & Dating Violence,
and God’s Protecting Grace to keep lives from being broken.

Renouncing the hidden things of shame and exposing the unfruitful works of darkness as commanded in II Corinthians 4:2 & Ephesians 5:11 as we confront the epidemic of Sexual Abuse, Domestic and Dating Violence with a unique blend of music, humor and role play.



VICTIM TO VICTOR partners with communities at every level to promote a safer society. We are a family of friends, professionals, volunteers and donors who are working to prevent abuse and violence in the community.

With the help of trained law enforcement officials and crisis intervention counselors, VICTIM TO VICTOR has developed comprehensive training programs which address a variety of topics relating to personal safety, abuse prevention and community safety.

Our many training programs, prevention initiatives and events help spread the word in your community creating awareness that abuse/violence prevention is possible.

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His message is compelling, instructive, healing and involving.

Jerry Wasserberg, Kempsville Presbyterian Church, Virginia Beach, VA

...I’ve never seen a more excellent presentation on this crucial topic of epidemic proportions . 

Roy W, Johnsen, Central Baptist Church, Williamsport, PA

...Pastor Joe did a staff training for me called the Silent Scream. The response was amazing. I recommend this extremely informative & educational workshop for anyone who ministers to children and teens. Pastor Joe presents the information thoroughly, skillfully, boldly, yet delicately. Everyone attending the workshop was educated, informed, and left with a desire to attend it.

Brent Welty, Children's Pastor, Fellowship of Believers, Sarasota, FL


Thanks for coming to our school and informing us about the dangers of child abuse. I have to admit, you are a pretty cool guy though you are old.

Your Friend, Clyde

I'm glad you came and taught us about sexual abuse. I was relieved, I know that my parents wouldn’t give me that talk. A man would be pretty brave to sing in front of our sixth grade class.

Sincerely, Gilbert

You were a great influence on me and I’m sure others too. Thank You.

Sincerely, Shonda

I loved how you told us stories about how to stop someone from molesting you. Thank You.

Sincerely, Mercedes

Thanks for coming to our school and warning us about sexual molesters. You made it fun and you taught me a lot too.

Sincerely, Nathan

Thank you for that talk about sexual abuse. I learned a lot from you. You are very funny! If you had come and had not made those jokes, I bet a lot of kids would have fallen asleep.

Thanks Again, Caitlin

You taught us in a strange manner but it sent us the message. The jokes you told us were pretty funny and they made me laugh. Thanks again!!

Sincerely, Nancy

Thank you for teaching me that people you should be able to trust can be harmful too. A lot of that information helped me. I know that these lessons will come in handy for the rest of my life.

Yours Truly, Keiera

I had a very good time listening to you. Your were very funny. You made me laugh. Your jokes were so cool! You helped me to understand things like rape and harassment. Thank you for coming.

Sincerely, Kimberly

Some of the things you said has really made me feel more safe. I hope in the future that you will teach more kids to be safe.

Sincerely, Tameina

I learned a lot from you. You taught us in a funny way so people would listen.

Sincerely, Tasha

I enjoyed how you taught us a serious message in a hilarious way. Thank you for taking time to come share with us your funny and educational message.

Your Music Fan, Nicole

The unique thing about your performance was the original songs you sang to get your point across. What I really like to do is thank you so much for coming to our school and teaching us how to be safe from sexual abuse.

Sincerely, Shawnee

I learned a lot from your presentation. Thank you for telling me all of those fascinating stories.

Sincerely, Sarah

You did a great job on your speech. It was very funny. I also thought you played the guitar well. Great job.

Sincerely, Dave

I appreciate you coming to teach us about what to do if attacked. I liked your stories, they were amusing. Thank you again. You put on a great assembly.

Sincerely, Eric

You were very amusing and I learned a whole lot. I hope I will never be in a situation like any of those. Thanks for coming, I really enjoyed it!!

Thanks, Ashton

You made our morning enjoyable and fun. It was informing, yet amusing. I learned a lot I didn’t know.

Thanks Again, Lee

Thanks for giving your time to teach us about sexual abuse. I think the things you said in your songs were important.

Sincerely, Zachary

The LORD has prompted us to invite Joe in to do several seminars. Much good has come out of it. The response from the attendees is overwhelmingly positive! To pastors and leaders of all kinds, Joseph Paluszak can be the best friend you will ever have...helping, healing, teaching in the most professional, yet powerful way.
The LORD would not let us alone, and when He spoke to our hearts, we wept and travailed like never before. His words were something like these...“When these my beautiful children were being sexually assaulted by their fathers, uncles and pastors, many of them were crying to Me for help. Many have stopped believing in Me because I did not stop the acts of violence against them. I am raising up Joseph Paluszak to help right the wrong and aid My true servants in properly understanding the way to healing in this area. Help his ministry and you will be helping Me reach the outcasts and the broken of heart.

Pastors A.M. & Lisa Calkins, The Church of Confluence, Confluence, PA

His message of hope is thought-provoking, challenging and entertaining; it also relies on the Bible for its authority.

Patrick Dominquez, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Sewickley, PA

His creative and nonthreatening approach to educating people of all ages proved useful to my students.

Richard D. Marks, Ph.D., Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

He mixes sound theology with practical guidelines and a touch of appropriate humor.

David Martin, Rapha, Richmond, VA





A valuable aid for protecting the church from potential lawsuits and crippling liability judgments.

Mary S. Strickland, Rock Church, Virginia Beach, VA

Through his unique ministry children who have been victimized have had the courage to come forward that the cycle of abuse can be broken and healing can begin.

Richard A. Knightlinger, United Evangelical Church, Venus, PA

Joe presented a sensitive, healing ministry to victims of abusive relationships.

Paul C. Ferris, Church with a Vision/Foursquare Gospel church, Fishersville, VA


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