The Truth Will Set You Free

A Short, Yet Profound, Testimony From One Of My Workshop Participants

Source: Rev. Joseph Paluszak

You have brought truth into my life in ways that you will not realize. I greatly appreciate your ministry. You brought truth to my life in a time when I truly needed the support that your ministry brought. I was abused, verbally and physically by my Mother. If you had not brought out the fact that verbal abuse is actual abuse, I would not have chosen the treatment that I now seek. God is setting me free because I now know that sort of childhood was abusive. Before, I was told by the church that to seek counseling meant lack of faith and that someone like me was just feeling sorry for herself.


I was told day after day that she wished I was never born. I often wondered why I had thoughts of suicide as an adult.


I needed you. Many others do too. Thanks!

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