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Take Back Your Life (How to Overcome Emotional Trauma)

Oct 5, 2020

Has a painful childhood or life experience left you feeling broken? You CAN heal and take back your life!  Learn how to overcome emotional trauma with help from God’s Word.

The emotional trauma you experienced when a painful life circumstance took place may have been a one-time event or recurring over a period of years. Maybe it was the way your dad left your family and never came back. Or the loss of a loved one at a tender time in your life. Or maybe it was physical or emotional abuse. Either way, it left a mark. And you can’t seem to shake it.

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What To Do When Your Child Reveals Abuse . . .

Sep 25, 2020

The NSPCC explains what parents can do if their child reveals they have been sexually abused. How should we react? What do we say? How do we report abuse? There is never a right or wrong way to feel when your child has told you they have been abused. Quite often it will be a mixture of shock, anger, horror, disgust and helplessness. 

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Sep 23, 2020

An E-mail Sent To A Local Pastor Who Had Proclaimed “We’re Not Comfortable Addressing This Issue . . .”   God’s Beloved:   I realize that God has given me a zeal for a ministry that most of the saints do not share; in fact, it is very unpopular in most church circles. More than…

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Create With Your Words

Sep 21, 2020

Our words have creative power. When we speak something out, we give it the right to come to pass. It’s one thing to believe you’re healed, but when you say, “I am healed,” that releases the healing. It’s not enough to just believe you have favor, that you’re blessed, that you’re going to fulfill your dreams. The Scripture says the spirit of faith is in our words. When you say, “I have favor and I’m coming out of debt,” good breaks will find you, the right people will track you down. You can think positive, believe for favor, and pray for God’s blessings—that’s all good—but nothing happens until you speak.

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Coronavirus and Violence at Home

Sep 18, 2020

In this corona era, many local communities are reporting up to a 50% decrease in 911 calls in general but a 20% increase in domestic violence calls. There is no surprise here. When we first heard the news of orders to shelter in place, many of us immediately thought about what that would mean for women and children who are battered or sexually abused in their homes. Basically it meant being locked up with one’s abuser, having limited access to help from the outside, and limited opportunity to escape.

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Sep 16, 2020

Memories, the very word inspires both secular and sacred songs. At Church on Sunday Mornings God’s children sing Precious Memories, and who can forget Dean Martin crooning, Memories Are Made Of This?   Derived from the Latin word memorare, Webster defines memory as the power, act, or process of recalling to mind facts or experiences.…

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How God Saved Me from Suicide

Sep 14, 2020

Some of you recognize Lacey Sturm as the former lead singer for the alternative rock band Flyleaf and now as a solo artist. If you’re not familiar with her journey to new life in Christ, it’s an amazing story. Lacey Sturm was just 10 years old when her three-year-old cousin was beaten to death by his stepfather. The tragedy rocked Lacey’s world so hard that she lost all assurance that God noticed or cared about her.

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New Life in Christ!

Sep 10, 2020

There’s something about the word “new” that fills me with anticipation. The word “new” implies that it hasn’t been messed up. A New Year somehow seems to hold the promise of a new start with a different ending. A new car is supposedly mechanically perfect and it’s body unblemished. A good used car, no matter…

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I Was Verbally Assaulted Outside the White House. Here is How I Responded.

Sep 8, 2020

By now you’ve likely seen the images of the maddening maelstrom outside the White House last Thursday night following President Trump’s acceptance speech to conclude the final night of the Republican National Convention. Mobs of individuals behaving in a vile and vicious manner harassing and haranguing departing attendees, including Senator Rand Paul and his wife, Kelley.

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